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Dynaudio 그릴망
브랜드명 : Dynaudio
사이즈별 선택 :
소비자가격 : 93,000 원
판매가격 : 가격문의
주문 수량 : EA
전화문의 : 051-986-1123 / 010-4849-8008
메일문의 : jej9802@naver.com
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152,162용 그릴 - 소비자가 93,000원 / 172용 그릴 - 소비자가 120,000원 / 182용 그릴 - 소비자가 135,000원

Esotec Grilles
The original Dynaudio Protection Grilles separately are available for every driver.

Esotec Grilles

Their massive and indestructible finish will make sure your build-in drivers never get damaged. The tutelary metal-grid is uncritical in acoustical behaviour and can be mounted free of resonances with usual screws. With their unobtrusive surfacefinish the Dynaudio grilles can be integrated inconspicuously in almost every interior to guide every attention to the essential – just to the music!

- Inherently stable
- Acoustically permeable grid-structure
- Including mounting-ring with Dynaudio Logo
- Discreet anthracite varnish
- Excluding corresponding screws


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